I Need a Sharper Stone 
12 feet Ladder wrapped with Emergency Blankets
Site Specific Installation, Terrain Biennial 

Maria Burundarena in collaboration with Teagan Prichard
On Site at Compound Yellow, Il Chicago.
October 1 - November 9, 2023

I need a Sharper Stone
Reflective emergency blankets wrap a 12 foot tall Ladder laid against Gallery X at Compound Yellow.
The work connects pavement to air. 
Its wrapped surface is a silver optical illusion,
Distorting and reflecting the surrounding traffic signals and sidewalks. One that twist and mirrors those who pass by.
Like water, the mirrored wrapping material is flexible and does not adhere to a fixed form or shape.
By contouring the ladder, we explore the boundaries of the physical properties of reflection as a material in and of itself.
In connection to ladders as a gesture, we question the relationship between how one experiences and understands what they see, and the depth of sight as a feeling.