The After Image - Pink Refraction, 2023
21 x 33”
Mixed Media
Paper, laser print and foil 

This series of mixed media pieces is titled The After Image.

The After Image is an optical illusion produced by the brain after being exposed to a specific image for a long period of time, that remains engraved in the retina and reappears without the need of the actual image.
This visual print engraved in the retina, lasts a short span of time and appears with alterations of color and shape working as an echo of the primal image.
The title of this series emerges from the process in which the surface interventions are imprinted and generated. Using foil as painting, the material after the first discharge of ink retains the negative.
In this series I decided to work only with the negatives of other artworks by reapplying them into new surfaces generating new situations.
Those negative registers come back in different and renewed shapes as they overlap over previous images. The result of the sublimation between the negatives and new layers of photographs creates a new surface of meanings and expressions.
The photographs are used as a material itself and come from a personal photographic archive of the city where I am based, Chicago. Those photographs show urban surfaces as skins that express the passage of time and abandonment.
The foil used is bright and striking, generating tension and attracting the viewer. The compositions result in a system of modules generated in an almost mechanical and random way. Like an echo, the image is transformed and new meanings emerge.

Like an echo, the image is transformed and new meanings emerge.